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SHAMOLIMA has been involved in providing Project Support Services in Bangladesh ever since the inception of the company in 1984. SHAMOLIMA has specialized in this sector through our extensive experience of providing Professional Consultancy Services, Supplying Project Materials, Providing Construction and Erection facilities, Supplying Oil and Gas field related equipment, Power Plant Heavy Engine, Transformer & other heavy material transportation from Mother Vessel to project site after Shipping & Customs clearance under our own license. Telecommunications equipment and services, and Catering & Housekeeping Services, Warehousing, Crew Handling, Crew Sign ON/OFF at different port, certified man power service & Meet&Greet service arrival/departure personnel at every international/domestic terminal in side the country.

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We have good quality certified all types of Cranes, Flat Bed Trailers, Low Bed Trailers, Extension Low Bed Trailers, Special type of Low Bed Trailer, Air Ride Low Bed Trailer, Telescopic/boom Forklift, normal Forklift, Self Propelled Multi Axles Trailers with Add drive, Boom Truck/ Hiab Crane, Prime Mover, Pickup, Covered Van, Dump Truck, Excavator, Crew Boat, Generator Set, Office/Accommodation Containers, Lifting gears etc.

SHAMOLIMA’S experience and knowledge in moving Rigs and drilling equipment is the most extensive in Bangladesh.

Shamolima Limited is very actively engaged in Shipping, Freight Forwarding, Customs Clearance Project Support Services for the different sectors within the infrastructure building and development work projects of the country.


We have multi-national clients such as Chevron, Shell, Cairn Energy, Halliburton, Niko, Weatherford, KCA Deutag, Diamond Drilling etc. We have performed our services in a professional manner to the satisfaction of these and other clients. We continue to improve our performance to meet the high expectations of our valued clients.

We Provide Professional & Safe Support With Our Certified Equipment And Trained Manpower.

While we take care of your project and your most valuable material - we give you a good long relaxing sleep.

Shamolima Ltd is firmly committed to achieve client’s satisfaction by providing good quality service to fulfilling the various needs of clients. We are also focused on providing the best quality of services through excellence, innovation and continual improvement of quality.

We are committed to prevention of pollution through developing a comprehensive project support services along with certified equipment and man power as well as initiating environment friendly activities in all relevant process and operations.

We are also committed to prevention of injury and ill health of our people by providing a healthy working environment, promoting awareness of safe HSE related activities among all employees, visitors and suppliers. We maintain effective consultation with staff on health and safety issues, taking all possible measures to eliminate or minimize HSE risks and hazards as well as ensuring effective arrangements of all kinds of emergencies.

We are also determined to comply with all applicable regulatory and legal requirements related to our products and service.

Our management is committed to continually improving the effectiveness of the existing management system by maintaining training programs for the development of the skills of our people, taking prompt actions for addressing adverse environmental aspects & impacts and HSE issues.

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Recent Stories

We have 2 Master Contracts with Chevron  Customs Clearance & Transportation Heavy Equipment Rental
Chevron Bangladesh
Location: Bibiyana Scope of work done:  We have provided Heavy Equipment like Crane, Trailer, Forklift long time rental basis.
400 MW Bibiyana-III Combine Cycle Power Plant Project
335 MW Project & Meghnaghat 718 MW Project Location: Siddhirganj & Meghnaghat Scope of work done: We have provided Heavy Equipment like Crane, Trailer, Telescopic Forklift long time rental basis.
Samsung Siddhirganj
Project Name: Bangla Trac 100 MW Power Plant Project Location: Jhulda Scope of work done: Receiving all cargo from Mother Vessel to Barge at Chittagong. Preparing pocket type jetty at unloading area. Unloading & Placing on to foundation job completed by using indigenous method. Cargo Details: 8 nos X 220 Ton engine & other accessories.
Location: Thakurgaon Scope of work done: Receiving all cargo from Mother Vessel to Barge at Mongla outer anchorage area. Transportation from Mongla to Gaibandha by barging. Road transportation from Gaibandha to Thakurgaon by using Multi Axles Trailers. Engine block assembled by using Gantry Crane. Placing on to foundation assembled engine & other material by using Automatic skidding & Indigenous method Cargo Details: 6 nos X 177 Ton MAN engine, 6 nos. 41 Ton Base Frame, 12 nos X 30 Ton Turbo Charge, 6 nos X 68 Ton Alternator, 40 nos. Containers etc.
EPV 115 MW Power Plant Project

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