Shamolima Limited

QHSE Policy

Message from the founder & ceo

Shamolima Ltd is committed to achieve customer satisfaction by fulfilling the various needs of clients, serving quality food in catering services, providing heavy vehicles, hire appropriate manpower according to clients’ specification. We are also focused on providing the best quality of services through excellence, innovation, and continual improvement of quality.

One of the underlying keys to success in this services industry is earning the confidence, respect, and trust of key constituents. At Shamolima Limited, our constituents range from customers, to investors, to community leaders, to our fellow employees. As employees and directors, we clearly understand the high ethical standards required for employment at, or association with, Shamolima Limited. Our corporate values, and ethical standards guide us in every interaction we have with our constituents and serve as the benchmark for how our company is perceived in our communities.

We are committed to prevention of pollution through developing a comprehensive waste management system under the direct supervision of client’s as well as initiating environment friendly activities in all relevant process and operations.

We are also committed to prevention of injury and ill health of our people by providing a healthy working environment, promoting awareness of safe HSE related activities among all employees, visitors, suppliers, effective consultation with staff on health and safety, taking all possible measures to eliminate or minimize HSE risks and hazards as well as ensuring effective arrangements of all kinds of emergencies.

We are also determined to comply with all applicable legal requirements and other requirements related to our products and service.

As our company grows and evolves its operations, it is crucial that we continue to promote a favourable and lasting impression in the minds of everyone with whom we interact. Our management is committed to continually improving the effectiveness of the existing management system by training programs for the development of the skills of our people, taking prompt actions for addressing adverse environmental aspects & impacts and HSE issues.