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Work Activities Gallery

Water Bath Heater for Gas Plant loaded onto Trailer by 150 Ton Crawler Crane.

Unloading of Gas Plant from Barge by 150 Ton Crawler Crane.

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Transporting of Generator Set by Flat Bed Trailers.

Project equipment transported by Trailers.

Low Bed Trailer crossing a narrow bridge with a Caravan.

Oil Bath Heater carried by 80 Ton capacity Low Bed Trailer.

Loading of Gas Plant equipment onto Flat Bed Trailer by 150 Ton Crawler Crane.

Loading of Mud Tank onto Flat Bed Trailer by using 150 Ton Crawler Crane.

Unloading of Gas Plant equipment from Barge by using 150 Ton Crawler Crane.

Side view of Shamolima 35 Ton P & H Crane.

Unloading of Mud Tank at Drilling Rig Site.

Gas Plant equipment load on a Low Bed Trailer.

Neutral Current Transformers unloaded at Rampura project site.

Transportation of Gas Plant equipment by Flat Bed Trailer.

150 Ton Barge Mounted Crawler Crane unloading Oil Bath Heater.

Oil Bath Heater loaded onto Low bed Trailer.

Unloading of Gas Plant Equipment by 150 Ton Barge Mounted Crawler Crane.

Two Cranes offloading Generator Set at Project Site.

Transportation of Generator by Road.

50 Ton Transformers unloaded by 110 Ton Crane at Jetty.

Transformers + General Cargo being carried by Barge in Chittagong.

Transformers + General Cargo on Barge being lashed in Chittagong.

40 ft. Flat Bed Trailer carrying Gas Plant equipment (B.O.P).

Concrete Blocks + 30" Linepipes being lashed onto Trailer for ROW.

Transportation Gen Sets having 220 Ton each. Total Gen set 8 nos. Transportation from Chittagong port to Jhulda BanglaTrac power plant by using barge.

Transportation of 177 Ton MAN Engine X 6 nos. from Mongla port to Thakurgaon and placing on to foundation

Shamolima Working in FSRU Sector at Moheshkhali

Shamolima Working in Samsung Siddhirganj 335 MW Power Plant Project

Shamolima Working in Runner LPG Project Site at Mongla